One of the main mission of l'ORE, is to organise events to bring all the students together and to make us enjoy the best years of our life!

Bal de l'X

When ? November and May

Last year, Covid-19 deprived Polytechnique of its most famous annual meeting. The reputation of the “Bal de l'X” precedes it, sometimes given in the “Gallerie des Glaces” in Versailles, in the Chaillot Palace up the hill of Trocadero, at the Opéra Garnier like this year. It is the opportunity to dress up, and enjoy a night in a magnificent setting with your friends while meeting fellow members of the Polytechnique circle, whether they be your directors, engineers and many more!
And that’s not it! You are very lucky, as you will probably enjoy two Bal de l'X during your first year, the first one in November to replace last year's one canceled due to Covid and then in May to celebrate the tradition of this event.

Color Run

When ? Between April and May

BX22s and BX23s remember it, the color run organized by ThrillORE during the campaign week did not fail to bring all the Bachelors together. A real highlight of this competition week, the color run consisted of jogging around the lake while being sprayed with paint dust. Whatever you think, no one can deny that it makes for great photos. For a long time now, your current L’ORE has promised another edition of this color run, probably with a new organization, a revised race around campus, and a larger number of participants with students from nearby schools (Engineers X, ENSTA, etc.), who knows what they have in store for us...

Campaign Week

When ? May

If there was one event you had to remember, this would be it. Without a doubt the most interesting time of the year, campaign week is the busiest week of each year: filled with color, excitement and tension. Loaded with emotion and events, each one more incredible than the last, you will understand why our program is so unique (if you hadn’t already). In short, your dear L’ORE is renewed every year, and each year new teams of first years compete during a week to prove to the rest of the Bachelor that they are the best fit for the role. While tensions can sometimes mount, it is widely agreed that the campaign week creates some incredible memories, some of the best in the Bachelor.
If you are already interested, be patient, stay tuned and the information to participate will arrive around February.


When ? September, as soon as you arrive

Don't worry, it is expected that you come out of it alive...
The Bachelor is truly a family, you will find that out quickly, but be careful, this family does not accept any random person. Trust us we have been working on it since June, your first two weeks at the Bachelor will be memories that you will remember all your life, or at least that's what we are trying to do. Events every day or so, conferences with your coaches and members of the administration, a few math classes here and there, and a trip to Houlgate.
In short almost a whole year of fun at the bachelor condensed into two weeks that you would like to never end!


When ? You know it, October 31rst

We all know the end of October is all about Halloween, but are you ready for a Halloween at the Bachelor?
A building that will completely change its appearance, some fun and creepy activities organized by your L’ORE, and a costume contest you won't get over!
If you miss Integration once the lessons have started, Halloween will be your first second breath to fill up with fun and energy before attacking winter and the few inconveniences it brings (midterms, finals) .
I'm rambling, this article was supposed to be on Halloween ... oh well, you'll see what's in store for you… what’s life without a little surprise from time to time.

Beer Pong tournament

When ? In the middle of February

If we were having fun talking about the highlights of QueCalor's mandate, how could we not mention the Beer Pong tournament! An incredible evening where even Barthélémy Destremau came to try out this sport combining tennis table and drinking game. Obviously your current L’ORE is committed to repeating this Beer Pong tournament, perhaps in a slightly different format, but that's up to them.
For the novices among us, the concept is very simple, a table, two teams of two players, ten glasses filled with beers on each side and two ping-pong balls. The first to score in all the glasses of the other team wins, and of course each glass lost is a glass drunk.
Don’t be afraid, come and try your hands at this game, you will see you cannot live without it.

Pi Day, Integral Contest

When ? March 14th

Some of us spend our free time playing board games, other have fun running around campus, but it's fair to assume we all share an interest in science and math, otherwise we wouldn't be here.
For 3 years now, the Integral Contest has been an irreplaceable event during the school year, especially for the first years who spend second semester computing the craziest integrals you could imagine.
And that’s not even the craziest part, this contest will be held on Pi Day, a number that you can sometimes hate but that has its place in the world of mathematics so expect some surprises from your L’ORE.

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