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Having active & different committees that give Bachelors the opportunity to keep on practising their hobbies and passions on campus. Thanks to committees and binets, the students associations on campus, you will never get bored nor never loose your time Committees are the bachelor's associations and binets are the engineers.

(Note that  both are accessible to L'ORE+ cotisants and only committees are accessible to L'ORE cotisants, and there is very few committees that you can join without cotisation, as funding of the student life on campus is mainly done by students, which keeps a good mood and a lot of opportunities on campus)

However if you don't want to take part in any committee you can still participate in some activities, by paying  ~5 euros before each event to the treasurer or to someone from the L'ORE.

Committees :

Students organization on campus are what makes the student life what it is. Having a variety of activities is thrilling, and if you're curious you can participate in everything and discover new stuff.

If you feel like sharing your passion with other people, you can join a committee by messaging someone from the Board, who will kindly explain to you what they do and how to participate.

If you want to create a new committee, you can simply message myself (Hassiba TEJ), L'ORE represent for committees and binets, explaining to me what are your goals, your expected budget and your motivations. I'll be super glad to know them and to help you !

Now to give you an insight of what is available on campus, here's a (non-exhaustive) list of some committees:


This committee is without the shadow of a doubt one of the most important committees we have. If you have any interest in CS join them as soon as you arrive, they will organize little contest during the year with killer prizes at the end, but they don’t stop there. You will get the opportunity to participate in hackathons organised in partnership with actual companies: a chance to test your abilities in CS in a real world environment and to learn a lot from people who sometimes work the job you want to do in a few years.


If you love extreme sports, BX-Trem is the place for you. This committee organizes trips for you to go enjoy those adrenaline rush throughout the year.

You’re a kitesurfer ? No problem the beach is only a two hour drive away.

They propose a variety of different things, and if you join them, you can offer your own ideas and start organizing a sky-diving baptism. After all, why not ? At BX-Trem nothing is impossible.


Prepare yourselves for our running committee because it will make you want to run and run and never stop! They will show you around campus and its surroundings during the Integration weeks so you know each possible circuit you can do, and they will organize runs where any bachelor can join; whatever your level is you will find yourself a partner. If you like running join this committee and keep an eye on your new messages, someone will often propose a run at 11PM when the business of the day is over and trust me running at night is quite an experience !

Also, you might have heard or read about the Color Run the l’ORE will organize next year, and if you haven’t quickly go read this article:

Big Events: what to look out for
One of the main mission of l’ORE, is to organise events to bring all the students together and to make us enjoy the best years of our life! Bal de l’X When ? November and May Last year, Covid-19 deprived Polytechnique of its most famous annual meeting. The reputation of the

Every member of the running committee is of course invited so don’t miss this occasion!


Do you secretly enjoy a bowl of oats but feel like you'll be judged by your family for this incredible delight ?

Do you associate porridge with childhood trauma ?

Do you want to join a cult ?

If you recognize yourself in any or none of those situations, then we have the solution for you !
From weekly meetings to debates, we have a diversity of events, so that everyone can feel welcomed and enjoys their weekends on campus !


Do you want to discover your friends true colours ?

Share a diner (pizza ?) over a spicy debate ?

Shout at your friends in a polite way ?

Then you know what committee to join ! You'll get to have weekly meetings, where you can ask for debate themes or questions and discussing on your opinions (or hearing other's opinions) !


Whatever you say, mathematicians and musicians go together. This committee is super active and inclusive ! You can freely speak to everyone in the board, they're super nice, and organize events with them. They have killer spots for shows and concerts in Paris, and they have a music studio inside our building !

Being part of this committee means you will be offered to preform throughout the year, any time the occasion presents itself. And don’t worry if you’d rather do music for yourself and only share it with a few other passionate, they will of course have a spot for you.

NeXt / (previously DDX)

Originally a binet (engineer association),  NeXt is the one with the most Bachelor students, and meeting and working with new people is awesome, especially if you're interested in sustainable development ! Whether you like to feed chickens, take care of the 'potager' or you prefer to organize conferences and much more, there will sure be a place for you ! Throughout the year this committee proposes fun and innovative ways to make us all realize our environmental impact and how to improve it. Weekly challenges with some cool prizes at the end, conferences organised with external guests, and the DD (Développement durable) week — in English: sustainable development week, where the whole program gets involved in the activities proposed.

If you want to stay aware of everything that they propose or offer your own ideas for the coming year join their channel as soon as possible!

Bachelor Chef

If you enjoy cooking or would love to learn, this is what you need ! Planning diners, making food in groups and eating together is such a fun and memorable activity ! You will see, upon arrival, that we love food events !!! Everything from cookies, crêpes to guacamole and pulled pork, black tie cocktails, tri-promo diners and pasta eating contest, we never stop.

The Bachelor chef is always invited to participate in bigger events where it’s needed to cook for 300 students (really memorable), and you'll soon notice the power that you have when you know how to cook !


As our program is very young, and the information available about it outside of Polytechnique’s sphere is sometimes wrong or badly displayed, we wanted to make sure to spread the truth ! Constantly trying to improve the image of the Bachelor in other schools to make the program grow and well-known so that other students can have the opportunity that we had ! Anyone who wants to help improving the image and information is welcomed !

Board Games

Who doesn’t love a good board game night where you fall back into childhood and destroy you’re friends at Monopoly ?

With the variety of games available, you'll never get bored ! In addition to the endless nights playing board games with your friends is a super memory (and a way to show your skills !).

Also if you feel like some games are missing, don't hesitate to say it, we'll fix it !

We also organize games-night so that you can solve the mystery of the Cluedo while meeting new people. Sorry colonel mustard in the kitchen with the candlestick, but this committee has caught you.

There will be a few games sessions organised during Integration, come say hi and see if the board games tempt you.

Aftermath / Point Nine Bar

On the ground floor of Building 103, you'll find the foyer, equipped with a bar, a pool table, a stage, a giant screen and a professional kitchen. It has taken some time to make it functional  because of Covid-19, but everything should be ready as soon as you arrive. You will see during Integration that the purpose of this place is to be the meeting point for you to come and chill after a packed day of class.

The committees in charge of that place are the Aftermath dealing with the space in itself, making sure to always improve what’s available in the foyer, whether it be furniture, games, or speakers, and supervise the organization of events inside the foyer sometimes in partnership with the l’ORE or other committees. The other one is the Point Nine Bar, where the members have followed a formation regarding alcohol drinking and are enabled to serve everything from coffee to soft drinks and some beer or wine to their fellow bachelors who are in legal drinking age! It’s a great experience and let’s be honest we’ve all wanted once in our life to be the person behind the bar.

Both of these committees are pretty small for now as the foyer has just hatched from it’s cocoon, but if any of this interests you do not hesitate to contact members of these committees, whether it be by message (you'll get the names of the heads of committees on your arrival) or when ordering a glass at the bar !


Binet, the engineer students organization have a different way of working than in the Committees.

Indeed, you'll have to take part of it during special times of the year, that they will announce and to get in you'll have a prépass. It could be competitive for selective binets (Vibes, DuoConseil X-HEC, TedX, ...) but it's super fun to join as you get to know a lot of new people (beware that they'll mostly speak French, with some expectations) and you'll get to do a lot of fun activities !

If you think you're interested in joining one particular binet, really don't hesitate to, you can cancel anytime if you don't like it, but it's an awesome experience that I recommend !

Here is a list explaining the roles of some binets that you can join (don't hesitate to dm me if you have any questions on them):


In charge of organizing the TEDx Conference in the School !

There is the board, the logistic (organizing the event by knowing who to ask to get the material and making sure everything is going well), the communication and speakers (looking for the speakers)  'pôles' that you can join !

DuoConseil X-HEC

Junior consulting agency self-managed by students from both Polytechnique and HEC.

You'll get to do nice missions for our clients and learn a lot !


Mixing committee, don't hesitate to do the prépass (week were you'll do fun events and learn how to use a mixing table !)

Bal de l'X

Organizes the Bal de l'X, one of the main events of Ecole Polytechnique.


Social Cause association, organizes trips to paris to helps & give food to homeless people

BEST (board of European students in Europe)

We organize super fun event with a lot of schools throughout Europe and it's super chill, you'll get to meet a lot of different and knew people !

If you're interested, don't hesitate to look on Sigma (a internal website), where you can find a lot of information on a lot of committees and binets !

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