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Hello, everyone! My name is Niccolò. I'm a BX22 student, last year's editor of The Bachelor Brief. I'd like to use this platform to introduce you to NotaBene, a project I started in March of this year, which might interest those of you inspired by art, crafts, and history.

Despite my profound love for mathematics, I've always been a secret art and history admirer since I was young. My city, Florence, is well-known for its many forms of art. From architecture to sculpture to fashion and literature, it is a place where art has flourished and continues to prosper. Since the start of last year, when the pandemic struck the world, most of Italy's art cities began to suffer a lack of tourism, one of the main contributors to the country's economy. The long periods of lockdown that followed forced all of us to stay home, affecting our social lives drastically. However, for me, such restrictions were a blessing. Staying home made me realize I could do something to help my city relive. Therefore, I chose to start narrating a conceptual travel diary of my journey through the beauty of Craftsmanship that Florence holds.

As some may know, nota bene, or NB, is the Italian equivalent of the Latin post scriptum, or PS, often found at the end of letters. It serves to point out something hidden, unknown, or, perhaps, unpopular. The essence of my project lies precisely in this: pointing out facts and realities about my city most people don't know about. These "realities" don't concern artworks, buildings, or statues only, but people, particularly artists and artisans. These are the people who founded Florence's culture and history and who, unfortunately, suffered the advent of the pandemic more than we might think. This is why my aim is to expose their creations through online platforms and social media, such as Instagram, YouTube, and, soon, my personal blog — linked below.

As a new format, from now on, I'll start updating Horizon with an introduction to every artisan I've met since March. In addition, I'll open a series on curious historical facts about Florence and Tuscany for those of you most interested in history. Make sure to follow me on my journey! Stay tuned!


Niccolò Bagnoli

NB. For any information regarding my project, please, contact Thank you!




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