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Projects, workshops, networking, competitions, brainstorming, teamwork, discussions, invited speakers, new technologies, future careers, are a few of the things the Computer Science Committee is about!

How everything started

My name is Gorazd Dimitrov and I am the acting president of the CSC and one of the three people that founded it. At the beginning of this year (my second year as a Bachelor student), I set a personal goal to get more involved in extracurricular activities, and surprisingly a chance to succeed in my plans came really quickly after a friend of mine (Lazar Milikic, BX22 student) proposed the idea of forming the committee. Our first goal was to define the mission and purpose of the club we intended to build.

Helping each other

Our purpose

In the roots of the CSC lies the idea of bringing Bachelor students closer to each other through their mutual interest in all fields of computer science, but also offer a chance to fall in love with Computer Science to people who had no prior contact with this field of science. Organizing workshops, a collective working on projects, competing with each other, following lectures and doing homework together, brainstorming about ideas and discussing new technologies, as well as improving our CVs and advancing our future careers, are some of the ways we, as the CSC, reach those goals. Our events broaden the perspective of the Bachelor students outside of what is offered in the academic curriculum, while also taking care of improving the social life on campus.

Following workshops

Our action and events

However, we are more than those fancy words, in the past few months we have definitely proven ourselves in action.

The first official event of the committee was an invited-speakers talk on the topic of “Getting Internships in Big Tech Companies”, where we successfully gathered past and current students with experience interring or working in some of the biggest tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, and Facebook. The speakers gave tips and tricks on getting chosen by those companies, but also presented their experience working there. This event gathered more than 30% of the whole Bachelor student body, making it one of the biggest committee events until then.

Working on projects

Soon after, we organized “The first Bachelor coding competition”; two rounds, two categories, six tempting prizes (PC screens, HQ Headphones…), and a lot of challenging problems. As a consequence of the division between beginners and advanced participants, this competition allowed a lot of first-year students with almost no experience in competitive programming to join, and even win prizes.

Next on our agenda came the collaboration with the Google Developer Student Club of École Polytechnique. In this short period together, we have managed to: organize a workshop on Google Cloud technologies, learn about the Google community around the world, and form a few Bachelor teams for the upcoming Google Solution Challenge.

Award Ceremony Coding Competition

Something else that might interest students hungry for creating and developing new ideas is our “Project Clustering” initiative. This idea came to us after realizing how many Bachelor students were working on personal projects but were getting stuck because of the lack of help, support, resources, motivation, etc. The goal of this initiative is to help those people and in doing so help many more. The process is simple, we welcome everyone’s ideas with open hands, they tell us their needs and we try to meet them. However, according to people that have used “Project Clustering”, the material and technical resources are not the main gain of the initiative, but rather the connections that it offers for the projects. This is because we promote every project publicly, so the creators of the project are able to search for new team members to help them accomplish their goal, but also, students with no specific idea in mind get to browse through the offered projects and get involved in the ones that look interesting to them. The “BX+”, an all-in-one Bachelor mobile application, and “Rate my class” are just a few success stories from this project, and we are sure that many more will come.

The biggest event: a Hackathon

Finally, I can’t end this article without mentioning our biggest Project, the TransportiX Hackathon. A 72-hour event, with 50 participants and 20+ people organizational team. Supported by two big private tech companies, as well as the staff and professors of Ecole Polytechnique. An in-person event that brought hope back to the bachelor students during the hard times of a pandemic. For more info about the hackathon check the Transportix Hackathon Report.

Few of the teams on the Hackathon

Those events showed that the CSC is destined to do great things, and that is why we won't stop here, we are ready to do bigger, better, and even more exciting things!

TransportiX Hackathon 2021
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