The bachelor blog
The Bachelors and students around Ecole Polytechnique have their very own jargon. Here is the guide that you need to decode it!

Casert: room of an engineer student.

Demi-Lune: Half-moon-shaped buildings at the heart of the campus where some engineer students live.

Grand Hall: main hall of the school located in the main building next to the university restaurant. There you can find the post office, some of the amphitheaters, the university cafeteria, and the library.

L'Ore: bachelor student organization. Bachelor students provide it financial contributions and in exchange, the l'Ore provides fundings for student associations and organizes events for the bachelor family.

Kès: engineer student organization. Engineer students provide it financial contributions and in exchange, the Kes provides fundings for student associations.

Kessier: engineer student member of the Kes.

Binet: association of engineer students. The average size of a binet is 15 members. Some of them are bachelor friendly and thus you can become a member or participate in their events. Binets receive fundings from the Kès.

Committee: association of bachelor students. It is composed of a board of about five people in average and has fundings from the L'Ore.

Magnan: university restaurant, its meals cost five euros in average, however at lunch (11:30 AM-2 PM) the price is deducted three euros. It is open for dinner until 6/7 PM.

Bôbar: bar located on campus held by engineer students. It has wooden tables outside where you can chill or study on sunny days. Coffee is served during lunchtime.

Kawa: name of the time slot during which coffee is served at the Bôbar. Sometimes during kawas, a binet is present for an event or just to talk about their future events.

GU: stand for "Grand Uniforme", and denominates the military uniform worn by engineer students.

Tangente: the name of the sword worn by engineer students with their uniforms.

Dez: stands for "désintégration" and denominates the event of farewell to the leaving engineer students in March/April.

Pales: the engineer students exams.

Safran: cafeteria located in the Grand Hall.

Bachelor giving: an event that takes place each December to celebrate the Bachelor family and its diversity.

Pax: name given by engineer to persons.

ADO: stands for "atelier des ondes". It is the music association at Polytechnique which organizes concerts and takes care of sound and lighting for events but also records and mixes music for engineer videos.

Platâl: the plateau on which Ecole Polytechnique is built.

Manute: the process of installing, putting in place an event. A Manute Binet also exists and provides material for the installation of events.

Styx: Binet that organizes partying events for students of Ecole Polytechnique.

Aftermath: common room on the ground floor of the bachelor building to chill or study.

Bicorne: hat of engineer students, part of their uniform.

Prépass: process of selection of the new members of a binet by the actual members. It usually lasts one to two weeks and implies many events related to the binet!

Khômiss: engineer student institution to maintain traditions and give a voice to engineer students.

BE: stands for "bar d'étage" and denominates the common kitchens in the engineer accommodations.

Section: group of engineers based on their sports practice. Each section lives together either in a cube or in a breach of the demi-lunes.

Kroscalier: tradition of the rugby engineer section when the Kès comes to put back to zero their trigramme account. On each step, a Kronenbourg beer is placed and the kessiers have to drink them all to come up.

Cubes: cubic buildings where the three first bachelor generations lived and where some of the engineers live by section.

Dark BE: common room/kitchen of engineers located on the first floor of their buildings.

JAB: stands for "jardin d'agriculture biologique" which means organic farming garden. It denominates the wooden structure area near the T5 and T6 gymnasiums and has a garden and chicken coop.

Styxman: engineer student part of the Styx Binet.

Titus: room in which the bar is located, it is also the place where Styx parties take place.

Bataclan: area where all the Vibes room, the Titus, "caveau du Styx" and many more binets rooms are located, including the Kes' office.

BB: stands for "binet binouze" and denominates the binet which serves beers at events.

Trigramme: sort of Polytechnique unofficial binet account. Each engineer has one and provides it with money so that at events you only need to give you trigramme code (composed of three letters) to be deducted money for your consumption.

Afterwork: event where music is played during the day (usually after classes) to chill after a day of work. Most of them are organized by the Vibes binet (electronic music binet).

Sympathisants: denomination of the people interested in a binet and go to their events but are not part of the binet.

Exté: name of people that are not part of the school but come to engineer or bachelor events when they are allowed to.

CQ: stands for "sécu" which is short for security.  It denominates the security staff around campus.

Erige: name of the security staff agency around campus.

Génék: Chief of the Khômis, he denominates the other Khômis members however, their identities are never revealed, only the Génék's identity is known.

Point Gamma: festival organized on campus by engineer students. Artists are invited to perform and the event is organized each year by the Point Gamma binet.

AX: stands for "alumni X" and denominates the association of previous students of Ecole Polytechnique.

Bal de l'X: Ecole Polytechnique ball organized each year in prestigious places of Paris to reunite AX members and actual X students.

BalX: Small ball organized by bachelor students to unite three promotions and have a fun time!

Bolympix: sports competition of the bachelors.

Chic à Bachelor: phrase said to celebrate bachelors.

Medikopter: song of the famous bachelor dance created by BX2020 students.

Tri-Promo dinner: bachelor dinner organized by the L'Ore to gather all students from three promotions to have a good time.

Popote: dinner of engineer students by section from two promotions to gather students from the two generations, get to know each other, and pass on traditions. Everyone is dressed in uniform and only drinks wine.

WEI: stands for "weekend d'inté" and denominates the integration weekend for engineer students. It takes place in April/May.

Bachelor Brief: name of the bachelor student newspaper.

These are only a few words that you may or may not use or hear. Now it's your turn to discover the rest of the X language when you meet new people!

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