By now you've probably come to realize Ecole Polytechnique is not exactly in the centre of Paris. So, how do you go places? Here are a couple options:

RER B - Ecole Polytechnique is at Lozère stop

The subway system in Paris comprises of metros (within Paris - zone 1) and RER that go further out. As you can see, you need RER B going from Paris to Lozère, in zone 4.  A single ticket costs €4.45 and a pack of 10, €35.60. (The likelihood is you will do at least 5 round trips to Paris in your time here, so be wise). The other stop you might commonly go to is Massy-Palaiseau on the RER C.

There are also bus stops on campus of which the most useful are:

Nearest stop to Building 103: ENSTA Les Joncherettes

Transport-wise, consider getting some sort of Navigo.

If you don’t think you will travel very frequently, get a Navigo Easy (€2) . Then a pack of 10 t+ tickets (bus/within Paris metro and rer tickets- so not valid to travel all the way to Lozère) will cost you €14.90 as opposed to €16.90.

If you travel more frequently, get an actual Navigo pass with your picture on it. You have to go to Massy (or a big station in Paris I guess) to do this. Turn up with your passport and a proof of residence (you will receive one from Polytechnique) and they will make you one on the spot. Then you can buy Navigo Jeunes Weekend passes on it for specific weekends to travel pretty much everywhere (zones 1-5) for €8.95. You can also get (way cheaper) weekly passes which are useful for breaks filled with trips to Paris!

Stupidly, t+ cannot be bought directly on this type of Navigo, so it’s best to combine it with the Navigo Easy.

Otherwise there is a yearly pass (forfait imagine R étudiant:) for €350 that lets you travel everywhere. You have to apply online for this one.


  • Navigo Jeunes Weekend is also available on Navigo Easy
  • If you are going to take a lot of trains within France, you can also get a Carte Avantage Jeune from the SNCF.
  • Keep a look out for days where the forfait antipollution is offered. When the pollution exceeds a certain level, people are encouraged to use public transport and a cheap all day ticket is offered.
  • If you are going to travel a lot in a day, consider the Forfait Navigo Jour (on Navigo Easy or Navigo) or Mobilis Day pass (to buy in stations) , it's €12.40 for zones 1-4.

Forfait Navigo Jour
Voyagez de manière illimitée en Île-de-France à l’intérieur des zones tarifaires choisies, sur tous les modes de transport, sauf Orlyval. <b>Valable 1 jour jusqu’à minuit</b>.

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