Sometimes, Magnan simply doesn't make the cut. Whether it's because you need a change of scenery, or because you'd like to go on a night out near campus with friends, so here are a couple of options (ordered by distance from campus, also refer to the map at the end of the article):

Living Room

The Living Room is one of the closest restaurants from campus; it takes about 10 minutes to get there by foot. You will find a selection of meats and seafood dishes, and while it is not the cheapest option, you will certainly enjoy their terrace, where a lot of people from the plateau will come to enjoy a drink at sunset. If the weather isn't too great, their inside lounge is also a great option to enjoy a more cozy atmosphere.

Price: ~25€ for main course + dessert

More info: the menu, website for booking in advance (recommended)

Food Asia

Food Asia is the perfect option for all your sudden eastern cuisine cravings. Like Living Room, it is very close from campus and it offers a wide range of Japanese and Cantonese dishes for reasonable prices, both as a formula or à la carte. The inside lounge is always very convivial and lively, though you can also sit outside and enjoy the "vibrant activity of the plateau".

Price: ~16,50€ for a soup, salad, rice and 3 small dishes

More info: the menu, website (no need to book)

La Tour du Maroc

If you're fond of Moroccan cuisine, this is the perfect option close to campus to enjoy couscous, tajines, grilled meats and brochettes, any time during the week! You will have to go down Lozère steps to get there but the effort is well worth it.

Price: Around 16€ for most dishes

More info: the menu, website (no need to book)

Au régal des 3 saveurs

Recommended by Laura G, Au régal des 3 saveurs is a nice créole restaurant not too far from campus by bus, where you can enjoy a buffet of grilled meats with various side dishes. Being on Uber eats, you can also taste a variety of dishes, most often delivered in under 30 minutes.

Price: 17€ during the week for their lunch buffet, 22€ for dinner

More info: the menu, website (no need to book)

Palais de l'Himalaya

Palais de l'Himalaya is the closest Indian and Nepalese restaurant from campus, you will find there chicken tandoori, chicken tikka, seekh kebab, biryani … If you're coming back from Paris, it is best to stop at Palaiseau-Villebon, otherwise walking from campus is still ok. It is also possible to order with Uber Eats, of course.

Price: 7€ for tandoori, around 17€ for biryani, 12€ for butter chicken

More info: the menu, website (no need to book)

Le Camille Claudel

While it is a bit further away from campus, its wide range of traditional oven-baked pizzas are  definitely worth the 20-min walk. The menu also comprises a broader selection of dishes: fishes, meats, salads, burgers; always served by a very friendly staff. A great option if you have a bike or if you're willing to walk a bit more!

Price: around 14€ for a pizza

More info: the menu, website (no need to book usually)

Indiana Café

With its tasty selection of burritos, burgers and fajitas, you will certainly enjoy Indiana's Tex-Mex vibes, especially after a movie night out in Massy. It is definitely a good idea to book a table in advance, since it is very popular, especially at night. The staff is very friendly, but expect orders to take a while to arrive during busy evenings.

Price: around 16€ for a dish, 9€ for a pint 😱

More info: the menu, website (book in advance to avoid long queues)


One more in Massy, O'Tacos will satisfy all your tacos cravings: their website boasts 40,000 different combinations of ingredients (yes, you can fully customise your tacos if that's your thing). If you're completely insane, you can also "enjoy" their 2,5 kg monster tacos, which will probably feed you for a few weeks.

Price: 5€ for S (1 meat), 7€ for L (2 meats) and 9€ for XL (3 meats), supplements are available too

More info: the menu, website (use Uber Eats if you can't be asked to go to Massy)

There are plenty other options not mentioned here: La Cabane for Savoyard specialties such as tartiflette, galettes and reblochon, Domino's pizzas in Orsay, and Lulu La Frite on the Paris-Saclay campus, the choice is yours!

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